The Backyard On The Seventh Floor 2018, at the group exhibition Self Bites Self at Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany. © Kunstverein Göttingen.
Crying for no reason (in lining fabric, dye and zipper) & The blind behind your eyelids (in silk, viscose, cheesecloth, wool, tulle and dye) 2018. © Kunstverein Göttingen.
The little dog that recognises you (in fleece and stuffing) & The shadow of the tree (lining fabric, polyamide and stuffing) 2018. © Kunstverein Göttingen.
The amphibian in the backbone, 2018. © Kunstverein Göttingen.
Pain Things (Blue) at A Waiting Room, The Community, Paris, 2017. Images by Aurélien Mole.
From Pain Things (Blue), 2017, a series of works in lining fabric and stuffing. Image by Aurélien Mole.
Installation view of Pain Things (Blue) at A Waiting Room at The Community, Paris. Image by Aurélien Mole.
Textile collage / curtain for Samet Yilmaz Jazz Club/TV-series That Man An, 2017. In the foreground stage by Viktor Briestensky. © Samet Yilmaz
Night Again at Sinne, Helsinki 2016.
Night Again, 2016, a series of sculptures in mixed textiles, stuffing, superadobe bags, sand, wheat and copper.
From Night Again, 2016
Stage installation for Father Fucker, Baltic Circle Festival 2016 / Q-teatteri 2017, Helsinki.
Pony Play at 'that a body knows regardless', curated by Jupiter Woods as part of ULO II, Interstate, New York 2016. Installation in mixed textiles, tent poles, rope, sand. Images by Sydney Smith.
Pony Play, 2016. Image by Sydney Smith.
Pony Play, 2016. Image by Sydney Smith.
Walls and Waves at Kilometer of Sculpture, Rakvere 2016. Superadobe bags and 2000kg sand.
Walls and Waves, 2016.
Walls and Waves, 2016. Textile paint on acetate.
Walls and Waves, 2016. Stuffed textile.
Thick Tack (The Slime of Time) at the trio-exhibition Astray at Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki 2015.
From Thick Tack (The Slime of Time), 2015. Waterproof polythene, velour and stuffing.
Y, 2015. Cotton, dye, bleach, textile paint, stuffing and steel.
From Thick Tack (The Slime of Time), 2015. Cotton, dye, bleach, textile paint, stuffing, wood, bamboo and sandbags.
Hand Net, 2015. Tull and copper.
The Deeper I Sink The Sweeter I Drink. Velour, textile paint, stuffing and steel. In the doorway Yellow Smear, in collaboration with Anna Rokka, in the background ink-video-painting Downstream, in collaboration with Carolina Sandell.
Early Urges (A day in my T-shirt). Tea, acrylic and aquarelle on synthetic fabric. Corinna Helenelund and Anna Rokka 2015.
Stuffed Shadow. Asphalt fabric, synthetic stuffing, wood and sand. Corinna Helenelund and Anna Rokka 2015.
Stuffed Shadow and Downstream. Corinna Helenelund, Anna Rokka & Carolina Sandell 2015.
Selected works from the solo exhibition I don't know if it's real but this is how I feel, at Galleri Gamla Kaplansgården, Borgå, 2015. Between Breaths. Lining fabric, stuffing, wood.
Between Breaths, 2015.
I Ate The Ground & Here Here Here. Part of a series of textile collages freely quoting from Clarice Lispectors novel The Passion According to G.H. 2014.
Here, Here, Here, 2014.
Never Again, 2014.
Today I'm Mute. Mixed textiles and copper pipes, 2015.
Uprooted. Velour and stuffing, 2014-2015.
Fingering (Hand Pants). Pvc, thread and earth, 2014.
Dust is the Daughter. Mixed textiles, copper pipe, clay, hemp. 2015.
Dust is the Daughter - Y?. Mixed textiles and stuffing, 2015.
For example, the ocean. Recycled textile print, wood, curtain hangers, 2015.
Bartholomew. Fruit nets and copper pipes, 2015.
Here. Mixed textiles and juniper, 2015.
Diggers and Dumpers. Sculpture of straw, clay, iron and wood, at Kuvan Kevät, Helsinki, 2013.
Inside Diggers and Dumpers. Straw, clay, wood, video and sound.
Inside Diggers and Dumpers.
Path through the sculpture.
Selected works from the solo exhibition Waiting for the Ocean to Return at Fafa Gallery, Helsinki 2011. Above Landcruiser, mixed wood, car parts, clay.
Waiting for the Ocean - Landcruiser in reed field.
Landcruiser, detail.
Landcruiser, detail.
Waiting for the Ocean to Return, reed, plaster, clay and light projection.
Waiting for the Ocean to Return. Nylon stockings, tent poles, tape, 2011.